Commonwealth Collegiate Academy

The Early College Program of the University of Massachusetts

About the Commonwealth Collegiate Academy

The Commonwealth Collegiate Academy, or CCA, provides students from eligible high schools the opportunity to take UMass courses taught by UMass faculty in partnership with their high school teachers. Taken as part of a student’s regular high school day, these early college courses fulfill college and high school requirements, saving students time and money while providing access to courses and content that may otherwise not have been available to them. 

Benefits of CCA.

a group of CCA students on a tour of UMass Dartmouth
Students can earn up to 30 college credits
Decreases the cost of college by 25% (one full year of education)
Courses count for both high school and college
A group of CCA students sitting on the steps at UMass Lowell
Taught by UMass professors
Students gain insight into college expectations
Students are better prepared for learning at the college level
a group of cca students touring UMass Lowell
Courses delivered both remotely and in-person
Classes run during the regular school day
Scheduled for the convenience of high school students and teachers

The CCA Difference

  • Flexible & Accessible Learning
    Courses are taught remotely or in a flexible, hybrid modality. The CCA program is designed to break down socioeconomic and geographic barriers to Early College for the benefit of students.
  • Dedicated Faculty & Teacher Support
    Every course has a dedicated university professor and partner teacher from the student’s high school that work together throughout the semester – supporting and each student success in CCA courses.
  • Gain College Experience
    CCA teaches students what to expect in college, both inside and outside the classroom by providing students with periodic visits to UMass campuses and an optional summer program to further enrich their experience.
  • Experience Career Pathways
    CCA offers Early College pathways in a wide breadth of academic content, including Business, Engineering, Education, the Arts, Health, and other STEM and Liberal Arts fields.

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Explore High School Partners and Their Pathways 

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Pilot Program

A pilot CCA program began in September 2022 with seven high schools partnering with either UMass Dartmouth or UMass Lowell to offer courses to students in grades 11 and 12. CCA is expected to expand in coming years to include UMass Amherst and more local high school partnerships. UMass Boston has launched their own Early College Program in partnership with Boston Public Schools. To learn more about their program, you can reach out to or contact the Associate Director of Early College and New Skills Boston, Daniel Doherty directly at

The following Massachusetts high schools will offer CCA courses this fall: